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Some links

The french associations whose I am a member.

Encyclopedic sites.

  • Valéry Monnier.
    Everything relative to the Thomas de Colmar arithmometer. List of 19th century french patents on calculators and instruments of calculation :

  • Bibnum.
    Numerical library project of scientific articles before 1940. Scan of the letter that Blaise Pascal wrote to the "chancelier Séguier" and of the "avis nécessaire à ceux qui voudrons se servir de la machine" (necessary advice to everyone who want to use the calculator) :

  • Computer History Museum.
    The calculators :
    The museum :

  • James Redin.
    Two Web sites about mechanical calculators :

  • History of calculators.
    From the first calculators to the computers. The machines and their inventors.

  • Very documented. Prolongs beyond the mechanical calculators :

  • Michel Bardel.
    Michel Bardel's list. An attempt to take the census of all mechanical calculators.

  • Rechenmaschinen illustrated.
    Impressive compilation of photos and documents on mechanical calculators :

  • Rechnerlexikon.
    Impressive compilation of photos and documents on mechanical calculators. Technical explanations on calculators and instruments of calculation :

  • Xnumber world.
    A list of Web sites of mechanical calculators collectors :

  • Everything relative to the Felt & Tarrant comptometer :

  • Web sites of collectors :

  • Christophe Mery.
    A collector of mechanical calculators. A lot of photos :

  • Yves Serra.
    The first replica of the Blaise Pascal calculator made by Pierre Charrier (and other mechanical calculators) :

  • Originals documents (some in french) :

  • Collection of mechanical calculators. Photos and links :

  • Baaijens, Nico.
    Important database on calculators, slide rules, abacus, various instruments of calculation, old advertisings. Many photographs :

  • Documentation, pictures and the book of Ernst Martin :

  • History, explanations about technics and photos :

  • Mark Glusker.
    The mechanical calculators (and the Fowler's calculating machine of 1840) :

  • John Wolff's Web Museum.
    Collection of calculators with descriptive forms and photos :

  • Olika Märken.
    Collection of calculators with photos :

  • Electro mechanical calculators, technical descriptions, slide rules :

  • D.Bölter.
    Collection of calculators :

  • interstices.
    Calculators and instruments of calculation, articles :

  • Instruments of calculation, slide rules.

  • Meeting point of slide rules collectors :

  • Chronology of inventors and manufacturers :

  • Sphere research corporation.
    Slide rules :

  • International slide rule museum (anglais):

  • Greg's slide rules.
    Slide rules, notices, etc..